Fibre Utility Networks has been providing Fibre Optic Solutions to various industries across the continent for over 18 years. Initially the primary focus of the company was concentrated towards the installation and fusion splicing of optical fibre, but as demand for total Turnkey Solutions increased so did Fibre Utility Networks vision and focus developed.

Fibre Utility Networks is a fibre optic systems company providing solutions to Corporate, Mining and end users in the Telecommunications, CCTV, Access Control as well as Process and Data-Communication industry


At Fibre Utility Networks we strive to engage in sustainable business practises, as well as anticipate and provide for the needs of our customers, while keeping abreast of the latest trends within the Fibre Optic Industry


Fibre Utility Networks aims to provide the best possible solution in order to meet our customer’s needs, in both technical advice and service provided. We undertake to support our technical teams by providing them with state-of-the-art equipment and relevant training. Our staff is dedicated to provide a service which is based on Honesty, Integrity and Accountability